Installation view, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow
Studies for A Collection
25.07.2014 - 10.08.2014
Intermedia/CCA Glasgow

This exhibition follows Villemont's ongoing interest in fashion shows and contemporary art displays of the early 20th century. 'Studies for a collection' will play with the ideas and look of a fashion showroom and explore what it shares in common with an exhibition space through sculptural garments and retail display structures.
Inspired by fashion study books and fashion illustration for this show, Villemont is interested in a system of hybridation : the way an idea or a pattern can evolve successively from a logo, a monogramme, a system, disseminating brand identity through a multitude of shapes and products.
Using mainly primary colors, 'Studies for a Collection' has emerged from a series of attempts that have become the beginnings of a prêt-à-porter showroom surounded by handcrafted and inspirational byproducts.